Hello bymerry friends!!!!

This is a brand that I hope you will come to know and love.

It has been born out of my love for all things feminine, pretty, funky and of course useful!!!!!
I hope you enjoy the site and keep coming back as byMerry grows and explores new products that will add a special touch to either your home, boutique or the home of a loved one!!!!

Girls today are identifying more and more with the products they use.
Having an identity promotes self esteem and confidence which of course translates into a more successful and contented life.

So why not indulge your daughter, your mother and your grandmother These beaded hangers are creative, unique, fun and hip!!! They come in a multitude of colours,shapes and are interesting and can light up a closet.
A bonus might be that in a chaotic room, some order is at least restored, and the clothes hung up.

Beaded hangers are the ultimate in glam hangers. Beaded and decorated they are sought after by celebrities, children and fun loving adults!!! They are so effective when you want to make a statement, especially in a boutique or when giving hangers as a gift. They are great at displaying fine garments, delicate fabrics and will always add that feminine touch to your closet at home too!!! There really isn’t a more beautiful way to display your clothing.

Please have a look at our great range of products in our catalogue. Feel free to contact us with any questions, and if you are interested in selling byMerry products, please read more about retailers.

Welcome, and Enjoy byMerry.



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